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I'm interested in finding a good route from NYC through Greenwich Connecticut east toward Westport / Fairfield. The East Coast Greenway site has a couple of maps and cue sheets that cover Greenwich all the way to New Haven (, I gather taking Route 1 the whole way is another option.

Just curious if anyone has experience with this area and can offer recommendations or comments (traffic, terrain/hills, roads to avoid, etc.). I'm particularly interested in whether Route 1's a viable option from the Bronx to Greenwich and/or east from Greenwich out toward Fairfield. Thanks.

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Bob Shay (not verified)
Route one works plus others...

I ride this every weekend to get from Stamford, CT to the NYCC rides. Route one is great and fast very early on the weekend mornings since it is mostly flat and there is very little traffic - 6am on Saturday. Personally, I wouldn't ride Route one between the Bronx and Stamford after 8am on weekends because of the traffic/cars. Route One from Stamford, CT to Westport is not as bad regarding traffic.

There is an alternate less busy route I take from NYC to Stamford, CT and it is a blast (particularly Dingletown and Cat Rock) but it has more hills. I'll email you my cue sheet.


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Hannah (not verified)
cue sheet request

"If anyone has a copy of the ""less busy"" NYC to Stamford cue sheet, could you e-mail it to me?

[email protected]"

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Robert Shay (not verified)

This cue sheet from the ride library will take you up the backroads to Stamford, CT - I live there. I led a ride along this route a few weeks ago and the group thought I worked for the Dept of Tourism - since the views/scenery and roads were impressive.

If going to Westport, I prefer route 1 from Stamford to Westport. There is traffic, but the shoulders are smooth and ample except for one brief 100 yard run right after Stew Leonards in Norwalk.

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Mordecai Silver (not verified)
NYC to Connecticut

I've ridden Route 1 both ways, from the Bronx to Greenwich and back. Past Greenwich I can't speak of. It's definitely a viable option, it's the fastest route, but not particularly a good route. Traffic is heavy, and the shoulders are often narrow and rough, especially around Rye.

Here are some other options:
a) Ride east through the Bronx (you can take the Pelham Parkway Greenway) to Shore Rd., then follow the bike path to Pelham Rd., which takes you into New Rochelle. In Rye you can make a right to Forest Ave. (closer to the L.I. Sound than Rte. 1), and if you look at a map, you'll see that you can ride into Greenwich without getting back on Rte. 1.
b) Ride north through the Bronx, via Grand Concourse, Webster Ave., Bronx River Rd., Midland, and then east through south Westchester into Greenwich. There are some cue sheets in the route library that could help you with this. This is a much more indirect way than the first option.

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allison (not verified)
route 1

route 1 tends to have a lot of traffic from norwalk up to westport/fairfield. you may want to look at Sound Cyclists webpage, most of their rides are in fairfield county and may have an alternate route you could take.

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Ethan (not verified)
Weekday rides? Cue sheet?

I would also be interested in seeing a good cue sheet, if someone has one. Also, I commute daily from NYC to Stamford and would be interested in trying to bike it occasionally during the summer, if anyone wanted to join. Would leave NYC by 6.

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