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"Lance was great on last night's Charlie Rose show. Being a map geek myself, I especially liked the part about Lance and his obsession for mapping routes. However, I was somewhat disappointed by his comment ""wouldn't you rather ride on some back county road instead of Midtown?""

Lance, the answer is yes and no. Sometimes, I like to ride on back country roads, other times riding in the city can be equally rewarding. Come ride with use Wednesday evening and you will learn. We meet at the boathouse in Central Park at 6:30 PM and we will waive our usual requirement for a fat-tire bicycle. It will be worth it just for the ending."

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Inga (not verified)
Are you still planning on going to the Beer Garden in Astoria?

I've never done your Urban Adventure Rides before--because I don't own a fat tire bike, but if it's not required this time, I'd love to join!!!

My original plan for tomorrow night was hill repeats in CP, but biking somewhere in Queens and indulging in some top notch beer in Astoria (my home for 5+ years, until pretty recent, actually) sounds SO MUCH more appealing! :)

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Nathan (not verified)

Oh you guys still doing this. Dam I should try and come out tomorrow.

Just wondering though...are you guys gonna be hitting any serious hills? My commuter is geared 52-21 so I may not make it if it starts going up

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Uri (not verified)

I watched Charlie Rose the other night. Am I the only one? I found Lance to be exceedingly boring to listen to. God help us if he enters politics on the wrong side.......

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john grandits (not verified)
it's plural

"hey inga, correction, ""top notch beers"" not beer!"

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Inga (not verified)
yes indeed

Yes John, beerS, because as you have so eloquently stated a couples of days ago, I never have just ONE!!! :P

More importantly, are you in for this ride or not???

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