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Can anyone recommend(sp?) a company or indidual to do a custom Titanium bike. I'm basically looking to do a more European/dutch (Azorbike makes a good one) version of the Merlin Newsboy (Airborne made one too I think). I realize one-offs can be expensive but the geometry is pretty straight forward and stable. Any advice?

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Christian (not verified)

"Matt Chester or Jeff Jones.

If you're flexible on material (say, steel), then add Sycip (26"" bmx or Javaboy) and Retrotec

I'll stake $20 no one has a better suggestion.

- Christian"

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bikeythekid (not verified)

I would definitely NOT take you up on that bet. Thanks alot

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Christian (not verified)

Hey, bikey, one more thing to think about in your quest for a 2005 Schwinn Excelsior...

The original Newsboys came with a roller cam brake under the bottom bracket. This was a pretty awful solution, but it kept the curvy sexy seatstays free of cantilever posts.

Now that it's 2005, you'll want the bike built with discs. Not because discs are better, but because it'll retain the clean lines of the seatstays. And this bike is about style anyway.

- Christian

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ben (not verified)
merlin custom

Merlin customizes most if not all of their models. Have you asked them? I wanted a cyrene with compact geometry and they had no problem making it custom for me. They told me it was the only compact geometry cyrene they've made. Don't go to a store, just call the merlin number on the website. They will then recommend the store to be fit at.

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Jason Hyatt (not verified)

I would contact Jason Barcoff from Piermont Bicycle Connection. I know he has done a bunch of one-off's with Independent fabrication, Merlin, Litespeed. I think he mostly works in the Tenafly location

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Sid (not verified)
I second that..

I just picked up a custom Merlin from Piermont last week (a cyclocross/touring job). Jason is a great guy. He's there (Tenafly 201-227-8211) on weekends.

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Paul Spraos (not verified)

"Spectrum makes Ti and Steel frames. I'll be taking delivery in a few weeks..."

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Evan Marks (not verified)
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bill (not verified)

great prices. i assume they're made off shore-in china or something. I don't really have a problem with that - I think some US frames are way over priced anyway.

Any idea of their quality?

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Mordecai Silver (not verified)
Custom builders

"Hasn't been updated in a while, but here's a list with a few builders you may not have heard of."

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Mark Loftis (not verified)
Fitting for a custom bike

If you're interested in a custom bike, you should attend the August club meeting. Paul Levine will speak about bike fitting. He gives a terrific presentation. I learned more from listening to one of his presentations than I did when I got my fitting from one of the fitting gurus often plugged on this message board. Paul sells Serottas, which is what I would get if I could afford a custom ti. According to his website,, he sells more Serottas than anyone else in the country.

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