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After six years, my old heart rate monitor is starting to fail and I am looking for a new one. Right now my bike computer takes care of bike functions and my HRM just does heart rate zone and percent kind of functions, and I think I would prefer to keep these two devices separate, especially since I use the HRM at the gym also. I would, however, like to get a HRM with the ability to download data to my computer and display it. Anyone have advice or experiences to share?

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John Z (not verified)
Polar Models

"Polar now makes quite a few different HRMs for cyclists, including ""traditional"" bicycle computers/HRM (in the past all their products were wrist watches) or a wrist watch model that can be used seperate from the bike.

I see that they finally offer a low-cost coded model specifically for indoor training -- grrr."

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John Z (not verified)
Polar Models (nm)
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ted (not verified)

You should take a look at the polar 720 or 725. I use my 720 for cycling, running, gym... if it doesn't pick up a signal (like speed) it just doesn't record it. So, no problem using it at the gym.
The advantage of having the cycle functions on the HRM, is you can download them along with your HR. The 720 also does altitude, so you can graph, calculate % grade, etc when you get home!
Fun toy, just don't get addicted.

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