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I just got my bike and am trying to get from Chelsea to the loop in Central Park with the least amount of traffic and danger. Does anyone know a good route?

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Kate (not verified)

depends on when....
weekday mornings around 6am I go right up 8th ave without incident.

if i'm feeling a bit slow I go up the West side path to the cut off (I believe it's 57th or 58th not sure exactly) then huck up that hill and shoot across to the park.....

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Diane Goodwin (not verified)
Old route

I lived on W 68th (bet Broadway and Columbus) and found the following route fine:

North on bike path until 59th St.
L on 59th St (sanitation bulding on your left) and go under West Side Hwy
L at West End Ave/11th St traffic light
R at 65th or 64th St (one block past Toga)
L at Amsterdam Ave
R at W 68th St
R at Central Park West
L at W 67th St into Central Park - Tavern on the Green entrance.

You could cross West End Ave via 59th St but you need to turn left and head up Amsterdam ... this seems a little busy eventually because you need to get into the 59th St circle traffic.

You can head up bike path to 72nd Street climbing a hill and ending up near Eleanor Roosevelt statue (72nd and Riverside Drive) and head east into the park.

I don't know how to exit the bike path via 89th St. On my way home to Englewood, I take the path until 95th St and ride north on Riverside Drive.


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Herb Dershowitz (not verified)

Where in Chelsea are you? I'm on 24th.and 9th.

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randi (not verified)

You're my neighbor, I'm on 22nd btwn. 7th & 8th

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Kate (not verified)

hey! you're my neighbor also!

I'm on 18th and 8th

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Herb Dershowitz (not verified)

Well neighbors, let's get together and ride.

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cruser (not verified)

You can take the bikeway up to 89th street and then go east into the park. 89th street is very calm.

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Christian (not verified)

89th St runs East-West.
90th St runs West-East and has an entry to the park.

- Christian

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