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Rt 106 (Old Gate Hill Road) from just past Lake Welch entrance to Kanawaukee Circle on Seven Lakes Drive currently has a loose gravel surface. It appears that the road surface will be redone in the next few weeks. Exercise care on that portion as it is a twisty and fast descent.

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Diane Goodwin (not verified)
Thanks Steve ...

... that's part of NYC 200K ... and the training loop I sometimes do.

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Gary Katz (not verified)
Which Rte. 106?

This sounds like a Palisades area road; is it a county or state road? Which county or state?

Don't forget that there is a NYS Route 106 on Long Island!


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Chris T. (not verified)
Rockland County route 106

not the state route 106 out on the Island.

note also that on 106 from the overpass of the Palisade IS Parkway to Rockland co. route 53 has fresh ASPHALT. Huge improvement on the descent out of Lake Welch.

But this new Gravel section is further north and west of the Asphalt section, and is probably under the work of the NYS Parks & Recreation.

Question: any new (gravel or otherwise ) pavement on 106 WEST of Kanawaukee circle? That section really needs help all the way to the top of the ridge

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