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I'm relieved to report that Al Taylor, who crashed on the B18 Armonk ride today, is home and is okay. Al was treated and released at North Westchester Hospital in Mt Kisco. His bike is home too.

Special thanks to several members of the ride who stepped up to help out at the accident scene: Tom Denham, Kim Jenkins and John Kalish. And many thanks to Hickory & Tweed - the bike shop in Armonk who readily agreed to hang onto Al's bike until he could pick it up. This is not the first time that an NYCC ride has had a positive experience at Hickory & Tweed.

It was a rough day on the road for this ride - another rider went down on the return from Armonk, and I lost count of how many flats we had - but the group hung in there really well. Everyone made it home with no serious consequences.

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Evan Marks (not verified)
Times change...

...in the early days of that shop when it started out in New Rochelle as a ski and tennis shop, under the original ownership (long gone, thankfully), it came to be known as Trickery and Greed.

Glad to hear that's no longer true.

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Kim (not verified)


Thanks for the very exciting ride and I'm glad everyone made it home OK. Yep, I bailed in Pleasantville...I called the local limo company and had a car carry me back to NYC. For being a slacker, tomorrow I'm riding and will do hill repeats on Walnut.

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Jay (not verified)
things were smoother on the West Bank Sat

We had between 25-30 riders and not a single flat

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question (not verified)
And Jay, your point is? (nm)
cycling trips