Maybe you want to avoid River Rd. in Grandview: it's all gravel

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  • Maybe you want to avoid River Rd. in Grandview: it's all gravel
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adam a. (not verified)

"The gravel is especially deep -- 3"" or 4"" -- at the bottom of the little hill just before Broadway passes under 287 bridge headed N into Nyack. Nearly took me down today. Avoid this till they're down re-surfacing."

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1 of 12 hand-picked alpha males (not verified)
Rode on it today and it is kind of fun.

You can ride easily in tracks worn smooth by car wheels. Interesting. Makes a hellish noise, like bottom brackets disintegrating, or bone rubbing on bone.

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Rob (not verified)

"Based on the gravel on one the main road into Piermont, it looks like paving will start soon.

The road signs are warning of the paving and we had
a cautious time riding through the gravel road top. At some points it is 1-2"" thick. Saw one ride after his spill at the bike shop.

Any real time update is appreciated.


PS the main drag in Nyack was partially torn up for Paving."

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Zoetemelk (not verified)
bad gravel yes, but on the plus side...

"they installed a permanent looking solar powered ""your speed is"" radar gun on that road right in the middle.

Piermont residents may hate us - but if more roads had those speed identifiers the road would be safer for all cyclists. So, hopefully, when they finally repave it it will be smooth as glas and cars will take care not to speed there.


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xxx (not verified)

what you all aren't getting is that that IS the re-paving. cheap way to resurface a road - lay down some tar, throw a bunch of gravel on top of it, and let the passing traffic press it in.... they did the same on tweed and on mountain view a few years ago. if we are lucky they may eventually take pity on us all and send a roller in to finesse the job a little - cross your fingers.

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Jay (not verified)
it wasn't that bad today

car traffic had opened a few 3 feet wide pebble- free tracks. I wouldn't advise going too fast and be careful on the uphill, etc.

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richard rosenthal (not verified)
Just stay in the track created by car tires and you'll be OK.

The gravel has been much tamped down and really the entire width of the road is easily rideable now; but if you're at all timid, stay in the road sections where the gravel has been most compressed, i.e. follow car tire tracks.

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heidi sadowsky (not verified)
Status of repaving

Any updates on the status of the repaving between Piermont and Nyack? Alternate routes suggested?

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1 of 12 hand-picked alpha males (not verified)
Don't be shy about taking the lane

because if you're going northbound and you ride too close to the curb, you're going down in six inches of gravel. Probably the crappiest job of road maintenance I've ever seen--all the gravel now at the curb, clogging storm drains. Residents out with shovels trying to clear the drains before the rains come.

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el jefe (not verified)
Status: No repaving

I rode southbound thru Grandview on Thursday afternoon. It was fine. There was just a little gravel, and yes, you will have to ride in the middle of the road sometimes to avoid one or two spots. (Don't most cyclists ride in the middle of the road?) Northbound looked even better.

If you want to avoid the gravel completely, there are plenty of alternate routes to Nyack:
Crusher/Christian Herald
Clausland Mountain

Of course there are other destinations besides Nyack too.

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xxx (not verified)

and those alternate routes are so much more interesting than river road... sweet hills, pleasant views... at the very least you can avoid the gravel in one direction while also avoiding the tedium of traversing the same route back and forth.

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