B18/19 this Sunday, July 31st 9AM @ New Jersey Side of GWB

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  • B18/19 this Sunday, July 31st 9AM @ New Jersey Side of GWB
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Due to a sudden change in personal schedule we will have to cancel this ride. Sorry for any inconvenience! We hope to do this ride at a later date.

Leaders: Allison Agliardo, [email protected], 212 421 7886 and John Rizzuto, [email protected], 917 589 5684
From: GWB NJ side
To: Park Ridge, NJ
End: GWB NJ side
When: Sunday, July 31st.
Time: 9 AM
Description: Suburban roads, light to moderate hills
Distance: ~45 miles
Class/Pace: B-18/19 MPH
Expected Return: 12:30 PM

Notes: Not listed in bulletin or weekly. Usual cancels, helmets required. Check bulletin board, call or email for updates or questions. Pocket food and filled water bottles.

We are looking to lead a quick ride this Sunday. We have decided on the “Park Ridge, with hills” ride. Only a 45-mile ride and we are targeting a return by 12:30. Not planning on a lunch stop, but instead a short break to refuel and snack around mile 25. Other pit stops to be taken as requested. Enough moderate climbs to keep most happy but not a “hammerhead” ride, instead a quick and friendly spin that will keep to the advertised pace and eliminate the junk miles for a faster return home.

We will be meeting on the New Jersey side of the GWB, past the gate and just before the underpass on Hudson Terrace.

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Allison (not verified)

Sorry for inconvenience, personal issues are forcing us to postpone.

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Isaac Brumer (not verified)

I'm leading a listed B17-16 60mi to Suffern via Saddle River. Leaves GWB Bus Terminal (178 & Ft Wash) at 9:00, should be on the NJ side by 9:20-9:25. C'mon and join us!

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