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I saw this ad on Craig's List. They're asking cyclists to keep their eyes out for this lost dog:

Bike riders please help
Reply to: [email protected]
Date: 2005-07-25, 7:23PM EDT

Hi, There are some very sad people looking for their lost dog named Zero. He has been spotted with a homeless man all over the Manhattan area. There is a nice reward and they just need a few more pairs of eyes to help locate him. He was last seen on the upper east side on 72nd street. He is a tall toy poodle, kinda looks mixed. He has a black head and a white body and tightly sprung curls. He has some black markings on his butt. He is two years old and answers to Zero. If you see him or any pup that looks similar to this description please call, 9172156417.

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April Fools (not verified)

This was some TV show publicity stunt.

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kr (not verified)

don't think so. A friend of mine knows the owners.

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office drone (not verified)
saw a poster near my office

yeah, i think it's for real. saw a poster near my office at 33rd and fifth. they had a picture of the mutt and offered something like a $3,000 reward.


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bikewoman (not verified)

The owners found Zero. He had been brought to the CACC. He had run away during the filming of a reality show.

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Natalia Lincoln (not verified)

"The reality show in question was ""Dog Swap,"" and Zero voted with his paws. ;)"

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