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There's a new film out called the 'The Quest' It's a 105 minute documentary about Team Saeco during the 2003 Giro. Has anybody heard this film playing in the city or has the DVD for rent? It's sounds cool, checkout the website, www.thequestfilm.com, the dvd costs $30. it's narrated by phil ligget and they have some good pics on the website. thanks

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Kara (not verified)
The Quest

..I know nothing about the movie, but now I know what to get you for x-mas!:)

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Heath (not verified)

"There is a movie that is coming out in August called ""Overcoming"" that is about Team CSC's 2004 year. I have not heard about Quest, but I am ching it out right now.

I have both on order, remind me and I will post a review.

P.S. Apparrently ""The Quest"" is a 1996 movie starring Jean-Claude Van Damme. This is according to Netflix"

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Mike A. (not verified)

Heath- How does one order this DVD?

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Heath (not verified)
World Cycling Productions

I ordered it right from world cycling productions. Not sure how else to order it. WCP puts out cycle sport and all the racing videos.



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Chris T. (not verified)
There was a half page mention of it in Velo news (nm)
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john grandits (not verified)
order the movie from the website, www.thequestfilm.com (nm)
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Heath (not verified)
Where is the movie

"So I ordered ""The Quest"" off the website on July 27th. Then I e-mailed them on Aug 2nd. I recceived my paypal receipt that I placed the order, but I have not heard anything from thequestfilm.com people.

Does anyone actually have this movie?"

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