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I need to get a new road saddle fast.
The original on my bike is just not making it. I tried for over 250 miles and can not make another 250.

My question has anyone seen in NYC or even North Jersey
a good selection and also a store with a SIT BONE measuring device. I saw one once, you sit on it and it helps get a better sizing other than Fat Butt, skinny butt or no butt.

thanks Rob

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don montalvo (not verified)
personal...very personal...decision...

...i use a selle san marco regal (ti) because it fits. i just can't get used to those silly flyweight saddles. they're a markting person's dream but they're a nightmare for my butt. :)

most of us try different saddles and eventually find one that fits. maybe try riding some friends' bikes?


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Rob (not verified)

I appreciate the feed back. It's not like a shoe from Nashbar, that I buy a few to get the correct fit and return the others. This takes time to break in.

I see you have the Titanium models. I am at 200 and understood they are designed and warrantied to persons under 185lbs. Any thought?


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Neile (not verified)

After a period of discomfort and researching saddles, Allen at Sid's advised me to get a lower stem/longer stem and to lower my seatpost my half an inch. That moved a percentage of my body weight off my butt and onto my hands and legs. Six hour rides are now manageable.

That said, I have a like-new generic road saddle and a beatup Specialized MTB saddle that you're welcome to try.

The saddles are at work at Tekserve on 119 West 23rd Street & 6th Avenue -- I'm there 1-6 Wednesdays and 1-7 other weekdays.

If you want to drop by, email me at soupstone-at-mindspring-dot-com

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Rob (not verified)

Thanks Neile, I just might do that.

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John Kalish (not verified)
Saddle lending library

Also worth noting, as Steve Chabra has pointed out, our very good friends at Bicycle Workshop (175 County Road Tenafly, NJ 07670) have a saddle lending library which will allow you to try out various saddles on your bike.

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April Fools (not verified)

That is great. I gotta get out there.
Hmmm, maybe I better call and see if the book..I mean saddle has not been returned.

Thanks agin


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bill (not verified)

A saddle lending library! What a great idea.

Instead I, like lots of us, have built my own personal library :-) Go to ebay and you'll see us selling them off at big losses....

BTW, my personal favorite after trying about 10 dif ones is the selle italia flight gelflow. I also like the max flight transam on my fixie.

Your butt may vary...

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Rob (not verified)

I contacted the store in Tenafly and the deal works as follows.
They will allow the seat to be taken for upto 7 days and take a credit card as a deposit.

Of course it must be brought back as new.

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Adam Pollock (not verified)
nycc saddle library?

You know, with all the finicky asses differently shaped butts in the NYCC, we might be able to put together an extensive saddle library. Seriously, if members could contribute a saddle or two that didn't work out for them, we could cover a lot of the saddles on the market. Not to take business away from the excellent Bicycle Workshop, but it might be nice to try stuff out w/o committing to a sale. The owner could set a value on the saddle (what it might go for on ebay, maybe), for which the borrower would be liable if the saddle were not returned in good condition after two weeks. Or something like that...

What do you guys think? Feasible, or an organizational nightmare?

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April (not verified)
Monthly meeting swap table?

"Maybe we can start something like that at the monthly meeting's swap table. It's still a swap item. Only the potential buy can return it the next monthly meeting if it doesn't work out?

A more fancy setup would be for a volunteer ""librarian""to step forward to collect all the saddles and display them next to the swap table, with prices and original owner name. Potential buyer hand over a check to check out the saddle. If the saddle isn't returned by the next meeting, the check is send to the original owner to be cashed..."

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