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I have a friend who lives on 122 St. and Broadway and is looking for a reputable bike shop in his neighborhood. Any recommendations? Places to avoid?

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Ben (not verified)
Morningside Heights Bike shops

Allthough I haven't lived in that neihborhood for about 6 years, I grew up in the area and there isn't a lot. There is a Metro Bicycles on 96th and Broadway, but I don't have too high an opinion of this particular chain of bike shops. A better bet is Toga Bicycles which is not really near morningside heights but rather near Lincoln center. It is a much better shop.

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Colleen (not verified)
metro at 96th

I'm wondering who your friend is since we live at 122nd too. Anyway, we do use Metrobikes. Although it seems people don't like this chain, we have had good service from the guys at 96th. We bought our bikes there, and I'm sure that makes a difference. But they gave me a great deal on my bike, give me immediate service when I bring it in, helped me with bike fit, swapped out parts for me to adjust the fit, given me discounts on merchandise, and overall have been very nice to work with. So, at least for this particular shop, I've had a good experience so far.

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B. Dale (not verified)

For repairs, Champion (Amsterdam 103/104) is quite good. The shop doesn't look like much, but Marcos really knows his stuff. He can be a little pricey though.

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Regina (not verified)
Bike Shop @110th/CPW

It's not right near 122nd, but a short ride toward the park on the north side of the street, opposite C-town. I forget the name, New York Bike - something along those lines. They were closed for a long time but are open pretty regularly now. I went there once, and the owner was working who picked up on quite a few things immediately. Not the same vibe as the more popular, racer-ish shops, but fast and thorough. Note, i don't know what the other mechanics are like who work there...

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