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"I was riding on the west side highway yesterday and my friend got hit by a mini-van. It was unreal, she did not get hurt thank God. Just a few bumps. The bike didn't fair so well. So if anyone has or knows someone that is selling a road bike please let me know. seize ""48 or so.



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Bob Shay (not verified)
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Anthony Poole (not verified)
Why were you riding on the West Side Highway

Please clarify. Is what you refer to as the West Side Highway actually the Henry Hudson Parkway? If so, you are lucky that you and your friend are alive to tell the tale. I am glad to hear your friend is ok, but sorry to hear about the bike.

What on earth possessed you to ride on this road? Am I right in thinking it is closed to bicycles and commercial traffic and only available to cars? If you are talking about the Henry Hudson Parkway, the standard of driving on it is usually abysmal and makes driving a car on it a potentially hazardous thing to do, letalone riding a bicycle.

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