Berkshire's BashBish Falls Road is being repaved!

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  • Berkshire's BashBish Falls Road is being repaved!
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I was up in the Berkshires this past weekend to pick up my kids from camp and found BashBish Falls Road was closed for repaving. From what I can see it will be as smooth as anything you'll ride on. Mount Wash. Rd. was also getting the treatment in places.

I also took Mt Wash Road all the way down into Salisbury Ct. and I would not recommend this on a road bike.

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Hank Schiffman (not verified)
Mt Washington Road to Salisbury

They aren't paving it, are they?

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John Segal (not verified)

Mt. Washington road becomes Mt. Riga road once it crosses the state line into CT. It also turns to dirt, and it is my understanding that it will always remain a dirt road.

It is a wonderful climb up from Salisbury, approx. 6 miles to the top, and quite doable on a road bike, although I would suggest a tire wider than 23mm.

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Rickkus (not verified)


That's great! I saw the sign a couple of weekends ago but didn't go have a look. It was a good ride going up even with the potholes, but impossible to go down! Fortunately the descent down Mt. Washington back toward Egremont made it worth the climb despite the risk of falling in a hole going up. Anyway, tis will be perfect -up Breezy Hill, then this climb, then down the Mt. Washington descent. Did you happen to get any visibility on time to completion of the project from anyone up there?

Also, related question, can you recommend any hard core climbs in the area with more switchbacks, etc. I've tended to stay around South Egremont/Great Barrington and suspect there must be some better ones to the north?

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