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"For those involved in competitive training programs, what are your views/personal experience with casual consumption of alcohol (not while riding!) as part of normal diet. I.e., in the evenings, presumably in moderation, versus not drinking at all to maintain some type of ""purity"" in the diet. Personally, I'll go on and off over blocks of 6 months to a year, as I decide that the mode I'm not in is better (clearly I overthink things, but I'm not tied to either). Many top competitors in our sport and others partake, but wouldn't they be even better, if only slighly, if not. On the other hand, relaxation, social reasons (including biking through wine country, for example), and recently touted health benefits (French red wine study, etc.) may make it justifiable. Final note: the recent studies showing long term benefits of red wine and others does not stand alone in the question I'm asking - I'm primarily interested in near- to mid-term benefits/issues and performance, and those wine study results are more chronic."

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Kara (not verified)


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J (not verified)
Wine helps heart rate (mine at least)

I've noticed a lower average heart rate on morning rides following evenings where I had a glass of wine. Rides and conditions have been virtually identical so I wouldn't attribute the increased performance to weather or route. May be psychological - I konw not.

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john grandits (not verified)
training and alcohol

Hey, I race on a CRCA team and ride/train hard. IMO I really don't alcohol consumption, in moderation, can impair training. Actually limited consumption, 1-2 drinks, can actually be beneficual for recovery from hard workouts. I've gone periods where I don't drink, have a few drinks a week, or have 10-12 week. Having 6 drinks at a clip is not good for performance, i can attest to that. A few drinks in moderation will not hinder or you or leave you dehyrdated. Mix in a few glasses of water before hitting the sack and you'll wake up fine. You may even sleep better and be more recovered.

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