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Cycling this year is better than ever with all the repaving. 9w, Perkins and sections of River Road are sporting velvety smooth surfaces. The southern section of River Road, unimproved, is a reminder of how hostile these roads have been in the past to the wheels of our machines. I am struck at how much nicer riding has become.

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Chris T. (not verified)
Rockland county repaves

Rockland county 106 (Old Gate Hill road) has been repaved from the PIP almost to the Park entrance. This make the decent from Lake welch down to Stoney point survivable.

County 23 (Strawtown road) has some new pavement as well.

I echo Hank's sentiments

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John Z (not verified)
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South Gully Road was paved in the spring. Glade Hill Road was magnificently paved within the last week from bottom to top. I wonder what brute of a steamroller was required for this job.

Glad I voted for Pataki...

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Regina (not verified)
but still be careful!

yes, we have some great improvements to some roads.. but still be careful! as we came back from Harriman on Sunday - we hopscotched the upper roads of nyack to avoid the torn up roads in town... but still ended up on two or three blocks of disaster right near the 9W entrance to Nyack -
i felt something odd in my rear wheel after that, but didn't look until Englewood and saw that I had an S shaped curve in my tire - and it was torn through. Not sliced, not punctured completely - just snagged and ripped.... in three places.
Good news, is that I rode 30+ miles on it and not until after I got home did I hear the squeel and pop of that tube!

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