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If anyone has access to or owns a bikebox that they are willing to rent me this evening/tomorrow (thurs) morning i would be forever in debt. I need it from the 21st to the 25th. I am a member of the club, and am happy to leave a good-faith deposit.

I made arrangents with an NYCC-designated keeper of the bikebox and the whole thing seems to have fallen thru at the last minute and I have a ticket to fly out tomorrow morning at 11:30. If anyone knows anything please let me know. My calls have gone unanswered, and she didn't show up at the arranged meeting time. I hope everything is well…

Thanks in advance,

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bikewoman (not verified)
It might be too late

But TANYC has a bike box they lone out. Also the SBR store in midtown rents out boxes. However, due to your time frame, I don't think either option will help. Maybe you can have someone FedEx it to you.

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KLEY (not verified)

both helpful suggestions, thanks. it looks like i'm taking my chances with the airline-provided box or a friend's Bottecchia box that was used to ship his latest acquisition from Italy.

cheers, kevin

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Steven (not verified)
Bike Box

Who is in charge of renting out the NYCC Bike Box? I need to use it for an upcoming trip next Thursday.

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Anthony Poole (not verified)
Check the bulletin

Look at the online or hard copy bulletin. In the July edition, you will find the advert about the club's bike boxes on page 7. The person who handles the rentals is Joanne McGarry. To respect her privacy I am not going to put her contact details on the message board and expose her to spammers and nuisance phone calls, but if you are a fully-paid up member, you will have access to the bulletin online, or will have received the bulletin through the regular mail.

If you need it for next week. I would call ASAP. At this time of year, I am sure the boxes are in high demand and may already be out, or booked.

As a suggestion, you might want to book the box as soon as you know your travel dates, next time, to avoid disappointment.

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