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I am looking into buying a fluid resistance trainer. I've talked to a few people in bike shops and got some basic info -- but definitely had the impression the salespeople were trying to sell me the most expensive trainer they had. So I thought I would look to this group for some advice on brands/models...

My primary purpose of getting a trainer is to improve my overall fitness (or rather to try to keep my fitness level from falling off significantly in those long winter months) -- I am a recreational rider and have no dreams that using this all winter long will turn me into a racer. So I doubt I need every bell and whistle that one can get on a trainer (though if any of you have thoughts about whether having that wireless handlebar display -- or any other feature for that matter -- is really helpful do share)...

The two biggest things I care about are noise and durability. Also, ideally, I don't spend more than a couple hundred bucks on this...

I gather that CycleOps is the top end brand, but no one has yet been able to articulate why that is. The Travel Trac trainers that the Performance website carries seem to be a little better priced, but I have not yet been able to find anyone who has used one....

To that end, if any one can share their experience with specific brands or trainers, I'd appreciate it. Feel free to email me directly at the address above (minus the AT).

Many thanks in advance.
P-R Stark

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Bob Shay (not verified)

Try www.roadbikereview.com. On that page, click on reviews and then on trainers. Many recommend one particular brand.

Good luck.


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Kate (not verified)

"My other half has this trainer


and I loved it so much he gave me my own for Christmas last year.

It's super easy to use and folds away to about 6"" flat so it doesn't take up a lot of room. It's really quiet. My roommate doesn't realize I'm riding when I am. It's stable and doesn't rock at all. I'm a larger rider and I can stand on mine without it moving.

I would recommend it, I am 100%+ satisfied.

BTW you have to prop your front wheel up or it hurts pretty much every part of your body after a while. I use 2 phone books.

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David Blume (not verified)

I have a 1UP and it is very well engineered and super compact. However - it relies on direct friction and after awhile it began to wear down. My friends all have Kinetic's and that's my next trainer.


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Russ Berman (not verified)
That's probably Kurt Kinetic which is sold primarily online (nm)
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Carol (not verified)

"I have the (older model) Performance Travel Trac adjustable fluid trainer with ""computer"" readout of speed, distance, time, power output, virtual slope and elevation gain. I use it all winter long to do the equivalent of hill repeats and lactate threshold intervals and it really does the job. I've never had a complaint about noise."

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