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Anyone have a good solution for the prescription sunglass problem? I would like wrap-around sunglasses with prescription lenses preferably without using inserts. This would require full rims instead of the partial rims.

I actually bought some rims like that (not specifically made for bicycling) and had lenses made. They're great except they fog up due to lack of ventilation.

Yesterday I noticed that Hincapie was wearing glasses with full rims and vent holes in the frames just below the lenses. I wonder where something like that can be found. Any ideas where to look? I looked at all the choices on the major cycling web sites and it's hard to tell. Perhaps someone has had some experience with this issue.

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robert (not verified)

If you want them for cycling, the Oakley M frame accommodates prescriptions. used by Hamilton, Julich, and me with prescription (no points for picking the odd man out, then again, I don't do drugs, but I digress). Lance uses them without presciption.
The prescription is not an insert like Rudy Project which uses a 2-piece system, the Oakley glasses are one piece with the presription cut into the lens so to speak.

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JT (not verified)

M frames are ok but look funny with prescription lenses, in my opinion. The prescription part of the lens looks like a coke bottle bottom implanted in the middle of the rest of the lens.

If your prescription is not too bad, Oakley can make a full prescription lens for a frame like the A-wire. Frames with more curvature, like the Splice or Hatchet (very cool), will result in dizziness if fitted with prescription lenses. Or at least that what they told me.

Let us know what you end up with and how you like them. I am still on the fence.

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Bob Heisler (not verified)
"Rudy Project ""Exception"""

Does this RP product use an insert? Looks like a perscription built into the frame with a flip up goggle.

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