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Hi Everyone,

In thanks to the A19 SIG Leaders’ great and selfless contribution to my riding skills and pleasures, I am offering a Free Introductory Tai Chi Course to them in return during the month of August.

SIG participants and NYCC members may also participate in the same introductory course with the SIG Leaders at the reduced fee of $40 for the four sessions (normally $75).

The introductory course will consist of four 2-hour classes and will meet on Monday evenings, August 8, 15, 22 and 29 from 7:30 to 9:30 PM.

Several have already expressed their desire to participate. Any other SIG Leaders, participants or NYCC Members who wish to take advantage of this offer should contact me as soon as possible as the class size will be limited.

You will learn the Classical Yang Family Long Form that made Tai Chi famous throughout the world. This moving meditation works each and every muscle, joint and organ; it heightens the spirit, energizes the body and strengthens the immune system, while relaxing the mind and reducing stress. It helps one develop flexibility, concentration, coordination and balance, as well as muscle tone and strength. Many medical studies have proclaimed that Tai Chi is the best exercise of all. It’s also a great martial art.

For more information visit: my web site at

My studio is located at 104 West 14th Street, 3rd floor (just west of 6th Ave; ring buzzer three to enter).

Richard Jesaitis
[email protected]

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Zeb (not verified)
Free Tai Chi Classes

Terriffic! Thanks!

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Suzanne (not verified)
Free Tai Chi Lessons

Cool beans!

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Carole (not verified)
Free Tai Chi Classes

Count me in. Thanks.

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