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"congratulations to Tonya Harroun Reginald ""reggie"" Johnson on their engagement on july 4th. reggie really knows how to create fireworks. i've known the 2 of them for 3 yrs now and two nicer, finer, more caring or giving people you couldn't find anywhere. they truly represent what is wonderful about nycc. amazing what $20 membership will get you. congratulations and all the best wishes from myself, and if i might be so bold, on behalf of all the club members for a wonderful life together. hal"

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Heath (not verified)

Tell us the story of how they met!

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Liane (not verified)

Reg and Tonya,
Congratulations to 2 of my favorite Siggies!


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Tonya (not verified)

Thanks so much Hal and Liane. Reggie and I are looking forward to the years to come ... and we owe it ALL to the NYCC.

For Heath, we met in the SIG three years ago. I was a leader and Reggie was a Siggie; BUT we didn't start dating until a few months after the SIG! Now, the rest is history!

Thanks again for your congrats and well wishes.

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Carol (not verified)

Why am I always the last to figure out when friendship turns into romance? Congrats! This is great news.

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Heidi Sadowsky (not verified)
Congrats Tonya and Reg

All the best to you both!

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