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Tomorrow presents the kind of weather we have been waiting for to hold this ride! A nice, warm summer evening ride to City Island for a seafood dinner. Our pace will be a leisurely 17-18 MPH and while fat-tired bicycles are traditionally required for our rides, we won't be going off-road or riding on any particularly nasty urban roads, so this ride is open all bikes in good repair.

Please note return will be via Subway.

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John Z (not verified)
Still Looking Good (nm)
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John Z (not verified)

Thanks to Neile and his unparalleled knowledge of the Bronx, I saw sights I have never seen before or expected. While City Island was stunning, especially with a full moon rising over Long Island Sound, I was most fascinated with Clason and Castle Hill points -- a bit of tidewater Virginia right here in NYC.


Ron recorded the entire ride using a bar mounted cam with surprisingly good results. Blog next?

Next week we are making a pilgrimage to Iron Bound, before this unique region is lost to the Mets.

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Ron (not verified)

Neile seems strangely drawn to those yellow diamonds.

Nice ride - It was very interesting watching the ride on video when it is in fast forward mode. Overall the results were pretty good even in the dark. I'll make a DVD for those interested.

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Neile (not verified)
"""Neile seems strangely drawn to those yellow diamonds"""

Yeah, they're mostly a waste of time, but occasionally you find a real gem.

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