24 July B17ish 60+/- miles 09:00 AM MYSTERY RIDE

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"For reasons beyond my understanding, Marci, my esteemed co-leader seems to be listed in the e-weekly as leading two rides on Sunday July 24.

Now, much as I would like to have a clone or two (or more) of Marci(I don't think I am alone in this), it just hasn't happened yet.

Marci and I will be leading a B17ish ride from the boathouse at 9am (barring flood, snow, ennui, or rapture) and going to some as yet undisclosed location. Rest assured that we are planning on a stop in one or another body of fresh or salt water, and that the ride will, with your cooperation, be more fun than work.

We will not be leading a ride to White Plains from 23rd St.

Accept No Substitutes! Ride with the real Marci! Your Mileage May Vary!
May cause irritation if taken personally.

The Real Marci Will Be Leading This One:

B17ish 60+/- miles 09:00 AM
Mystery Ride

Leaders: Marci Silverman, [email protected], 646-408-4565; Peter ""banana guy"" Kouletsis, [email protected], 917-854-1181
From: Central Park Boathouse
Once again, Wayne's forced to send the last minute email of desperation. More rides please (so for anyone who's ever thought about listing a ride, NYCC would welcome your contribution!) No time to come up with a clever destination, so let's just say we're going for a bike ride and it's guaranteed to be fun. Bring a positive attitude and all the usual stuff. Light rain may not cancel, downpours will. Check message board or eWeekly for more info, or just show up and be surprised.

Not This One:
B16 65+ miles 09:30 AM
Plains of White #5
Leaders: Neile Weissman, soupstone-at-mindspring-dot-com; Marci Silverman, [email protected]
From: 23rd Street & First Avenue

Thank you for reading."

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Neile (not verified)

Peter, please delete your post. Wayne has already corrected the listing and your accusatory tone is unwarranted.

But as long as your post is up, I'll keep my reply.

First, please re-read your Mystery Ride description:


[Once again, Wayne's forced to send the last minute email of desperation. More rides please (so for anyone who's ever thought about listing a ride, NYCC would welcome your contribution!)]


I read that as an urgent request for help -- and did so through the online ride submission system. I included your name and Marci's as a courtesy. I had no intention, nor desire, to obligate you both. I presumed there would be a subsequent opportunity to reconcile or reject the alternate listing.

FWIW, MY name has been listed as a ride leader without my permission, so I know the feeling, but your exasperation is misplaced. I was looking to support your ride, not co-opt it.

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Marci (not verified)
My Two Cents

I just read Peter's post, and I see no accusatory tone. Perhaps you are reading something into it based on the prior email exchange. He is merely trying to clarify the listings for anyone who may have already read them both.

And, although I'm not sure why we need to clarify the verbiage in our listing, there was a need for help... but that was weeks ago. The day before the bulletin deadline, when we posted, there were very few rides yet listed for July. Thus, we came up with this one (as well as the ride to the races earlier this month.)

The urgent call, although I didn't think it was veiled, except maybe in a (very) little humor, was to elicit more ride leaders for future rides, so the club can have a full complement of B-rides for all our members without Wayne having to beg and plead every month. Last minute listings are always welcome, but obviously he is faced with the challenge of filling a schedule 6-weeks out and would love to have more people get involved.

So now that we've hopefully clarified, let's all move on...

Friends & future friends, please join us Sunday...It's a bike ride, it's supposed to be fun!

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Neile (not verified)
Thank you. (nm)
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Marci (not verified)
Train pass not required...

"I have received a few emails asking if a train pass is needed for the ""mystery ride"". While there is no plan to take a train to or from the destination, there will be subway & rail bailouts (not that we expect you to want to bail) available. It's never a bad idea to have your MetroCard and train pass with you. And since we do plan to stop in or around some body of water, bring a swimsuit if you so desire.

See you Sunday!"

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diane (not verified)
two marci's and the banana man

"nice to see that marcy and the banana man are leading a ride. had i known you were leading the ride i would have gladly joined the mystery. it is amazing that a little humour and delightful play on words is misconstrued and asked to be ""deleted"". hope everyone can chill and just ride. it is bound to be another wonderful day. remember... happiness is about luck or chance and joy is something quite lasting."

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