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I was wondering if someone could recommend a good cycling coach in the New York City area, preferably someone who could meet in the Brooklyn/Prospect park area once a week or so. I am a relatively new rider preparing for a semi-competitive 100 mile ride (not a race, just a ride) in early October and I would be grateful for any recommendations anyone might have.

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fendergal (not verified)

Hi Jason,

I'm wondering why you think you need a coach, and specifically, one to meet with you. If all you're preparing for is a ride of a certain length (you didn't say whether you want to do the ride in a certain time), then you need to do is only get out there and get the miles in. If you're looking for somebody to give you some motivation to actually do the rides, then you probably need a training partner, not a coach. Coaches don't have a monopoly on training advice.

As for the question of how to structure your riding, for starters I know that Bicycling magazine regularly publishes a timetable on how to increase your mileage in time for a particular event. I'm sure that there are other resources in print and online.

You have just under three months, so that is a decent window of time, assuming you have some sort of baseline cardiovascular fitness. If you were a couch potato up to now, it will be more of a challenge. But it can be done! Good luck!

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Samantha Daves (not verified)
Cycling coach

Jon Cane is a coach in the Brooklyn/Prospect Park area. He coaches individuals and also coaches groups through the sports store, Jack Rabbit Sports, in Brooklyn. You can get his contact information at


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