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"After canceling the Oyster Bay ride this morning, I actually made it out there and spent time scouting squigglies before booking the 6:36 from Albertson. Very neat stuff -- thanks to Carol Wasser and George Arcarola for most of it. Saw opportunities to do more -- but that's what happens when you stand on the shoulders of giants.

Left the ""A"" bike home and took a rehabilitated, fendered Schwinn Letour (aka ""Portland""). Yes, it continued to rain, but nothing horrendous. Light showers are a good antidote to oppressive humidity.


Which brings me to my point, I wouldnt have cancelled the ride this morning if I KNEW there were half a dozen capable B riders willing to chance the elements. A number of times I have been the only person show up for a ride in bad weather. I also didnt want to take responsibility for a group of possibly unprepared cycles/cyclists in an area with limited bail options.

So, I'm considering adding an an RSVP option to ride descriptions to ascertain if theres a contingency of foul-weather friends.


Besides good bike handling skills, a suggested equipment checklist for wet weather cycling should include:

* Full fenders with struts -- to protect you, your components and those behind you from dirty road water. If theres no room in the fork/stays -- then half fenders and clip ons.

* Armadillo-class tires -- as sharp things cling to wet rubber. Alternately, the skill to change a flat in the rain VERY quickly.

* Neoprene booties -- or plastic bags for your socks.

* Kool Stop salmon brake pads -- they really do stop better in the rain. Also, larger MTB-style pads often fit road calipers

* Water proof pannier, bike bag or back pack - for changes of clothing, etc.

* Front and rear running lights.

* Water proof map/cue sheet holder.

* A Metro Morth/LIRR bike pass.

* Ideally, a second ""B"" bike -- something that's still reasonably fast but with reliable, serviceable components like barcons or downtube shifters and cone and bearing hubs. It should be on the heavy side (stable), and CHEAP.

If it's a steel frame then the insides should be sprayed with Weigle's Framesaver or generic equivalent.


Also, an attitude adjustment. After a brief period, cycling in the rain feels no less natural than riding in the dry.

You needn't cancel your subsription to VeloNews, but a one-year subscription to Adventure Cycling never killed nobody.


It could even make you a less of a weight weenie.



Riders on the Storm - The Doors


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Fred (not verified)
A for effort

Sorry I missecd the ride. I do have an old Japanese steel bike with a light but otherwise I fall short on yhe equipment list. Might have done it anyway.
See you on the next one.

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Carol (not verified)

"Having done a fair amount of self-supported touring, I'm used to riding in rain, but I really don't have a bike I want to put through that. Tempting thought to get one, though.

Glad you liked the tour of the 'burbs. Did you risk the dirt section up to the country club? One time we ran into a snooty club member in a Mercedes wanting to know what we were doing on their private property - we did the ""oh, we're lost"" act."

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Neile (not verified)

"""Glad you liked the tour of the 'burbs.""

It was a blast -- and your cue sheet was excellent.

""Did you risk the dirt section up to the country club? ""

I think so. Once past the closed gate, I kept bearing to the left at each fork, past some very nice buildings, parking lots and ended up on Wheatley Road. A road that was supposed to be paved was covered over with plenty of dirt, leaves, broken branches and few fallen trees so it *felt* like a dirt path.

""One time we ran into a snooty club member in a Mercedes wanting to know what we were doing on their private property - we did the ""oh, we're lost"" act""

I wondered how you would handle that. Some Mercedes and SUVs passed me heading down the exit road. I think a solitary biker was beneath their notice -- or maybe they figured I was an eccentric club member.

Thanks again."

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