bikes on the LIRR during PEAK hours?

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  • bikes on the LIRR during PEAK hours?
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Anyone have personal experience with bikes on the LIRR?
The rules state no bikes are allowed on Eastbound LIRR trains from 3pm-8pm. That pretty much rules out me bringing my bike out the the hamptons every weekend.

Is this rule enforced? I would be taking the Friday 4:25pm train from Jamaica to Southampton.

Thank you.

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AB (not verified)

takes bikes

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JT (not verified)

Where do they put the bikes on the Jitney? Is there an extra charge?

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Michael (not verified)
In the luggage bay

It rolls right in standing up. It is an extra $10.

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bikesherpa (not verified)

the peak-hours bike ban is strictly enforced. Especially on the trains going to the Hamptons.

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AB (not verified)
The Jitney works

just fine. They aren't even cranky about it.

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