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Since you are someone who quite frequently complains about rude and inconsiderate drivers and pedestrians, as well as drivers who don't obey the traffic laws, I was quite shocked and annoyed when you decided to cut off some people on my ride on Hudson Terrace as we approached Palisades Avenue on Saturday morning.

We were heading north on Hudson Terrace towards Palisades Avenue when you came out from under the overpass on Palisades Avenue and rode straight across our lane of traffic -- directly in front of us and causing us to have to swerve and brake to miss you -- as you headed south on Hudson Terrace.

I don't know what made you decide to turn around and head back towards the bridge, but next time, PLEASE STAY ON YOUR SIDE OF THE ROAD!


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richard rosenthal (not verified)

Noted, and, for posting this instead of communicating with me directly ([email protected], or, if you can bear to engage in an actual conversation, 212-371-4700), I hope and trust this serves your agenda.

As I reconstruct what you write, you must be suggesting you were in the left hand lane and swerved to the curb lane. But you weren't/didn't. However, I will attempt to corroborate this with those ahead of me and behind me so I can know you weren't suffering a hysterical pregnancy.

In the meantime, please accept my sincere and very public apology for having so upset you.

Oh, by the way, doesn't the traffic on Palisades have the right-of-way over traffic on Hudson Terrace? I may be wrong, but isn't there a stop sign on Hudson Terrace at the intersection of Palisades? ...In which case, if so, I would prefer to think you were braking for that stop sign. Or were you going through it? Never a good idea with cars coming off or going onto the Parkway. But, as always, I may be wrong.

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Hanna (not verified)
Don't worry - you weren't the only one

We know you weren't the only one who engages in such practices. Hal regurlarly performs such stunts as well.

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xxx (not verified)
excuse me????

a hysterical pregnancy?????

fascinating choice of insult.

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