Tues. early Nyack run, back by noon

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"Any alum of last month's ""kinder, gentler summer solistice ride"" up for another run on Tues?

18/19 pace (or choose your own--you know the way!)

7:00 a.m. from Eleanor Roosevelt/72nd and Riverside

505 up/501 back

Back by noon or sooner."

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Colleen (not verified)
Wed or Thur?

Hi Stephen,

I'll probably join you tomorrow, but wondered if you could be persuaded to go on Wed instead, or do a repeat on Thur. Weather looks to be nicer than tomorrow either of those days--a least a bit of a break from this muggy stuff. Colleen

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Stephen (not verified)
Wed. or Thur?


I'll definitely be riding Tuesday morning as long as the roads are dry. It could be muggy, but at least should be fairly cool since we're leaving early.

Tony is leading a Piermont spin on Wed. morning at 8:30, which is a good Wed. option for anyone looking for less humidity! (And I may be doing a very quick River Road outing on Thurs. if you're still interested in riding later in the week.)

Hope to see you tomorrow. Stephen

P.S. Great ride on Sunday.

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Colleen (not verified)
okay - I'll join you at 122nd (nm)
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Natalia Lincoln (not verified)

When/where are you meeting for River Road on Thursday, and what pace? I have to be at work at noon, but I might be able to show up on my touring bike.

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Stephen (not verified)
On for Tues.----Thurs. TBD

Natalia, we're definitely on for Tuesday, 7:00 a.m. at Eleanor heading to Nyack.

Thursday is TBD. I'll give you a ring or shoot you an e-mail if I end up going out to River Road. Probably early-ish to beat the heat.

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rick jakobson (not verified)
tues am ride

see you tuesday at 7 AM.

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Kara (not verified)
tues am

would love to join you all!

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