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Colleen & David - Another great ride. A nice, solid, fast pace and a most pleasant route as well. Thanks again!


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Wayne Wright (not verified)

I couldn't agree more. How you guys managed to time our pit-stop so that we could watch the end of today's Tour stage, and arranged for free sports drinks as soon as we got back across the bridge is beyond me!

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George Arcarola (not verified)

Enough already!!! Okay, we saw the Tour, and yeah, we had a cold drink, but I didn't see anyone giving out a nice post-ride massage.

Seriously, if it's true that one gets judged by the company one keeps, then my stock just took a nice jump cause you guys (Colleen and David) were GREAT!!! Thanks again.


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Colleen (not verified)
you're welcome

Here you go George! You're all quite welcome. We had fun as always with you guys.

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Natalia Lincoln (not verified)
Chiming in

Excellent ride! Thanks so much. See you soon...

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Christian (not verified)

Lovely ride indeed. Ivy and I had a great time.

- Christian

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Derek (not verified)
One complaint

"Thanks Colleen/David from a newbie B16/17 rider in the group for a fun, smooth route, great pace, friendly/helpful group, TDF viewing, COLD drink. Schweet! It was great to share the good vibes from the group to help me keep up with the brisk pace (Glad the route wasn't hillier)

P.S. One complaint -How come no bananas? Peter showed us HIS banana during last Sun.'s ""Ride to the Races"" ride....... (kidding)

Derek (Sun jersey)"

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Debbie Rothschild (not verified)
ditto, ditto

It was indeed a great ride. Not only did you guys time the treats (the tour, the drinks) with pinpoint precision, you kept 20 people in a coherent group riding in near-perfect unison for over 60 miles. You are the leaders par excellence!

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Peter Brevett (not verified)

Thanks David and Colleen. Great pace. Awesome ride!


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David (not verified)
Appreciation both ways

"So nice to do a ride and have such nice comments afterward. It will be hard to top the timing of this one, but also hard to top the quality (in every way) of the group who came.

In any case, thanks for all the appreciation. We look forward to leading more rides down the road (so to speak).


P.S. Sorry to anyone who hoped for more hills. We listed it as ""New City the Hillier Way"" because we'd chosen a return route on Fred's cue sheet that was designated as hillier (he just calls the ride ""New City, New Diner""), but when we scouted it, we realized ""hillier"" here was a purely relative term (if that)."

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fred steinberg (not verified)
hillier is a seasonal thing....

David-remember the ride library comments for this ride say a 'nice winter route'. Hillier is relative to the season.

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