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Could we arrange a Sun. eve viewing?

Are there any baseball games scheduled? Where could we get good audio?

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me (not verified)
call Blondie's ask about the back room (nm)
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Colleen (not verified)
back room at Blondies is reserved for tdf viewing Sun. 7/17

We called and they're expecting us. Please come since we told them about 25 people would!! It promises to be an exciting stage. Prime time coverage starts at 8 pm.

David and Colleen

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Heath (not verified)
I need another doctors note.

I originally thought I was only working till 6pm. Now it looks like 11pm. Can someone write me a doctors not saying that I have to go to a bar and watch the Tour.

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Maggie Schwarz (not verified)
I'l be there by 9

Sorry I'll be a little late but I'll be there. Please come everybody! It's expected to be a VERY key stage.

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