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Back on the bike - brevet season is over. If anyone is interested in riding this weekend - back-to-back centuries in Bergen County, here's the info ... make sure you contact me first.

Randonneuring pace for both rides ... that means you ride as slow or fast as you want. If you think you'll get stuck in the dark, bring lights (headlamp and taillight - reflective vest is good idea as well as ankle bands). I have OLN and intend to watch after each ride - participants welcome to join me.

Sat July 16th
Leader: Laurent Chambard and Diane Goodwin
Leave: Jones Rd and Palisade Ave, Englewood, NJ
Route: Partial 200K NYC - 100 miles. HILLACIOUS in points.

Sun July 17th
Leader: Diane Goodwin
Leave: NJ side of GWB 8 a.m.
Route: Bergen County Perimeter - approximately 90 miles maybe 100
Terrain: Flat to rolling - w/some traffic

Must RSVP for both rides 646-335-3855 to confirm for Sunday's ride. Email okay for Sunday - [email protected]

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Kara (not verified)
sunday ride


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esass (not verified)
GWB South Bikepath

Give yourself extra time getting to NJ because of south bike path closure. North path will be open during this time.

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Joe (not verified)
South Bikepath

What are you talking about? Since when is the northpath open?

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Christian Edstrom (not verified)
See this thread
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Kara (not verified)

O.K. so now I am confused... so the path that I normally take over the GW will be closed on Sunday morning right? So I have to take the sidewalk on the side of the cars going out of the city..... So this may be a dumb question but how do I get to the other side walk?

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Inga (not verified)
I am in for Sunday

Diane-just sent you an email RSVP'ing for Sunday. Thanks for organizing! I look forward to meeing you!

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Diane Goodwin (not verified)
You're Welcome Inga ...

So far ... only women are responding ... that's a switch!

Info for everyone ... yes, take the North Side of GWB. I think you access it at Ft Washington and 180th - just north of bus terminal.

THIS IS A RAIN OR SHINE RIDE. RSVP means you get a cue sheet and details.


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