Road closed, 9W/293 near Storm King/West Point ? Argh!

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  • Road closed, 9W/293 near Storm King/West Point ? Argh!
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"Closure of 9W/293 near Storm King/West Point -- What gives?

Hey folks, I was up on one of my favorite rides the past weekend (the ""Garrison to Garrison"" cue sheet, from the NYCC library), one which takes us onto through West Point from the north via 9W >> 293. We found a huge, rather permanent looking chain link fence barring entrance from the north (not sure if this was on 293 or before that), just a little before the storm king climb. It's similarly blocked at the southern end, near the entrance to West Point. Does anyone know when the fence went up? Why it's there? And if it's how long it's sposed to stay up? very disappointing. Many thanks, Adam"

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Dave Sabbarese (not verified)
Rte 218

During the NYCC 4th of July weekend my group was the only one that did not go around the fence. Instead, I lead a group of Cs up Rte 9W, the backside of Storm King, which was not fun. Not nearly as pretty, lots of fast and close traffic. Apparently, there was a landslide a couple of weeks ago, but cycles have no problem avoiding this small obstacle.
Screw the fence, ride 218 next time.

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fred steinberg (not verified)
Storm King Highway fence closed

The chain link fence on 218 is closed whenever a few pebbles come down from above and a slide is feared.
You can walk around the fence at either end and enjoy a car free ride. Of course you are taking a chance. They didn't close it on a whim. Do watch out for rocks, branches on the road.

The only time the road was completely impassable was in 2000 when it was reconstructed just north of West Point's closed Lee gate.

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