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I can piece one together, but, if anyone has a fav, I'd love to hear it. I'll start in Brooklyn, but any landmark will do.

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"Chainwheel" (not verified)
Partial Route

"Here's a route I posted a few weeks ago for someone going from Port Jefferson to Orient Point:

From Port Jefferson, take North Country Rd east. In Miiler Place, bear left at the pond onto Lower Rocky Point Rd / Rocky Point Landing Rd. Then turn right on Rocky Point Rd (aka Hallock Rd) at the Fire House and go to Rt 25A. Go east on 25A and bear right onto the Rt 25A Bypass (has a good wide bike lane) out to Sound Av. (Or you might prefer the hillier but more scenic N. Country Rd through Shoreham and Wading River.) In Baiting Hollow, turn right off Sound Av onto Twomey Av. Then East on Youngs Av / Reeves Av to Doctor's Path. Doctor's Path SOUTH to Rt 25 (Main). East to Edgar Av.

Then comes the best part of the ride: Peconic Bay Blvd, New Suffolk Av, Grathwohl Av, New Suffolk Rd, Depot Ln, Middle Rd (Rt 48), [PECONIC IS A FEW MILES EAST ON RT 48]Mill Ln, Soundview Av (to Horton Point Lighthouse), North Rd, etc.

In Orient Village, take Village Ln (stop at the general store/deli), King St, Narrow River Rd, then back on RT 25 east to Orient Pt State Park.


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Adam Pollock (not verified)

Thanks, Chainwheel.

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