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I do not have any time to ride these days. I figured the best way to get in some riding was to ride 10 miles to work and then take the triain home or vice versa. So the bicycle would primarily be used as a commuter, but it will also be my only weekly riding.

Do I spend $300 on a dahon, or $1000-$2000 for a bicycle friday? Obviously I would love to spend $300 for a bike that is the quality of a friday.

Any thoughts from folding bike owners?

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Jimmy (not verified)

Good question, Heath, I hope someone has some advice because I've been wondering the same thing. My commute is about 18 miles with some hills. I used to commute but lost my secure bike parking and was thinking I could stealth a folder into my building.

Ideally, I'd like to find someplace that rents them so I can spend a couple days with one and try out the trip. I don't think a typical test ride will provide enough feedback.

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Sid (not verified)

In between those price points, consider the Brompton L or T-types. I went through the same research process and after trying several Dahons, a Giant, a Swift and a Birdy...I settled on a Brompton with a 3 speed hub which I use to commute the 8 flattish miles to work. I am very happy with it.

The build quality is spectacular and the folks at nycewheels (on 84th and York) have been very helpful with service. There is also a wide range of accessories (cargo racks, lights, etc.). And Brooks makes a nice leather saddle for the Brompton...

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Dave (not verified)
Bike Friday

I have a Bike Friday Pocket Llama. Good bike... but not great for commuting as folding requires a good bit of time. The Friday is optimized for folding into a suitcase, which usually takes me about 30 minutes, and tools. There is a Friday 'quick fold' routine, but I've seen better.

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Christian Edstrom (not verified)

You've got a problem, because you're a cyclist, not just a potty commuter. But, I've got a solution.

You won't dig the Bike Friday for commuting, because it's a bit of a bear to fold and unfold on a daily basis. It's really a traveling bike.

You won't, alas, dig the Brompton, because, slick as it is, and sexy as it folds, it isn't really very close to a performance bike.

If you want a compromise that will get you to work and compact into a Dahon bag when you get there, and still let you ride like an enthusiast, you ought to get yourself a fixed Swift a la James Black.

- Christian

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Heath (not verified)
fixed bicycles

I have a fixed gear, but I never found it worked well for me in the city. I geared it down, but did not like spinning at 90rpm, knowing I would have to stop quickly.

I will look into the swift folders.

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Neile (not verified)
Much more than $300 but worth considering
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Bob Mirell (not verified)


I bought a Dahon Helios SL and have been commuting 8 miles a day (R/T) and have only 1 complaint. The specs say its good for a rider up to 230 pounds and up to 6'4"". What they didnt say is that if you're over 180 the real wheel has a nasty habit of popping spokes. I had a wheel built and havent had a problem since. The bike is only 16.7 pounds. Average fold-ups are in the mid 20 pound range. I fold (or open) it in about 15 seconds. It not only looks nice but it has 8 gears (53 in front and 12-32 in back) which cover almost any street terrain. I usually average about 16mph on it and feel secure that the thing isnt going to implode. Its about $900 but worth it. Saving cab fare of $12 each way has paid for the bike many times over. Good luck whichever bike you choose."

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