Tues B ride, 7/12

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Let's go! So what if it's going to be 88 degrees and there's a 40% chance of thunderstorms in the pm.

Please check back later tonite (Mon) to see if we're ON.

Ride leaves from Eleanor Roosevelt at 9.30. We go to Piermont or Nyack for a bite, back by about 2.

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Donna (not verified)
Tues B ride, 7/12

Count me in!

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Maggie Schwarz (not verified)

Can't wait to see everybody there.

River Road, here we come.

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Mike (not verified)
7/12 B ride

I'll be there too!

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Harley Adams (not verified)
I think I'm going


I'd really like to go on this it sounds like a great trip, I was just wondering if anyone thought it was a bad idea for a first ride in the nycc. I just joined a week ago and have not been on a ride yet. well anyways unless someone emails me and tells me not to do it i will see you guys in the morning.


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