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I'm looking for suggestions for routes around Lake George. I have to be there for a wedding this weekend and figure there must be some decent riding in the area. Our motel is right in the village of Lake George.

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ted (not verified)
Lake George

There is a bike path right out of lake george that goes all the way down to Glens Falls. If you don't have much time, that would probably be perfect.

Lots of nice road riding once you get out of Lake George proper traffic.
I did a great loop out of saratoga to LG and back, but can't remember where I got the cue sheet.

Here is a page with some good ones...

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Diane Goodwin (not verified)
Best Person in Lake George Area

Hi Chris,

Best person in that area is John Ceceri. He use to live here in NYC and runs the Adirondak 540 ultra race (Sep 2005) - just had one this weekend too. His email is [email protected]. He lives in Saratoga and knows the areas extremely well. Just tell him the distance and what type of rider - he'll find a perfect route.

diane goodwin

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