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Large sections of northbound route from Palisades Ave to NY border were torn up for repaving today. Not fun on skinny tires. Good idea to avoid for a couple of days.

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ted (not verified)

Any update on the 9W pavement?

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Uri (not verified)
All clear

Rode 9W yesterday. Newly paved areas they were not earlier in the week.

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alan resnick (not verified)

August will mark two (2) years since the destruction of 9W started !!

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jeff (not verified)

As of yesterday, the entire scraped portion of the Northbound side of 9W was paved with shiny new asphalt. There's about a 1/4 mile scraped Southbound, however, north of Rio Esplanade, or thereabouts.

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Andrea (not verified)

What are the conditions of 9W these days? I rode up to Nyack a couple of weeks ago and there were a couple of really choppy spots.

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Uri (not verified)

All paved over as of yesterday.

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Regina (not verified)

Amen! thanks for the update.

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