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Not to be missed are Stage 10 - Tuesday, July 12: Grenoble - Courchevel, 192 km -- Mountain Finish; Stage 14 - Saturday, July 16: Agde - Ax-3 Domaines, 220 km -- Mountain Finish, Stage 15 - Sunday, July 17: Lezat-sur-Leze - Saint-Lary-Soulan (Pla-d'Adet), 205 km -- Mountain Finish.

Blondie's is booked for July 13th.

Tuesday, July 19th, 2005 is the event at the Park Avenue Country Club.

I am going to Water Street Bar this Sunday, so there will be at least one there...

I think we need a place for Tuesday, as this is the first mountain finish and its going to be an explosion. Blondie's back room? Let's also think about next weekend, both days are mountain finishes...

Full details below, courtesy of

Stage 9 - Sunday, July 10: Gerardmer - Mulhouse, 170 km
Col de Grosse Pierre (955 m), 3.1 km. at 6.4 percent
Col de Bramont (956 m), 3.4 km at 6.5 percent
Le Grand Ballon (1338 m), 21.9 km at 3.6 percent
Col de Bussang (731 m), 6.2 km at 4.5 percent
Le Ballon d'Alsace (1171 m), 9.1 km at 6.8 percent

Stage 10 - Tuesday, July 12: Grenoble - Courchevel, 192 km -- Mountain Finish
Cormet de Roselend (1968 m), 20.1 km at 6 percent
Courchevel (2004 m), 21.8 km at 6.3 percent

Stage 11 - Wednesday, July 13: Courchevel - Briancon, 173 km
Col de la Madeleine (2000 m), 25.4 km at 6.1 percent
Col du Télégraphe (1566 m), 12 km at 6.7 percent
Col du Galibier (2645 m), 17.5 km at 6.9 percent

Stage 12 - Thursday, July 14: Briancon - Digne-les-Bains, 187 km
Côte des Demoiselles-coiffées (1067 m), 4.6 km at 4.8 percent
Col Saint-Jean (1332 m), 13.2 km at 4 percent
Col du Corobin (1230 m), 12.4 km at 4.5 percent
Col de l'Orme (734 m), 2.7 km at 3.9 percent

Stage 14 - Saturday, July 16: Agde - Ax-3 Domaines, 220 km -- Mountain Finish
Port de Pailhères (2001 m), 15.2 km at 8 percent
Ax-3 Domaines (1372 m), 9.1 km at 7.3 percent

Stage 15 - Sunday, July 17: Lezat-sur-Leze - Saint-Lary-Soulan (Pla-d'Adet), 205 km -- Mountain Finish
Col du Portet d'Aspet (1069 m), 2.7 km at 8.4 percent
Col de Menté (1349 m), 7 km at 8.1 percent
Col du Portillon (1320 m), 8.3 km at 7.2 percent
Col de Peyresourde (1569 m), 13 km at 6.9 percent
Col de Val Louron-Azet (1580 m), 7.5 km at 7.9 percent
Saint-Lary-Soulan (Pla-d'Adet) (1669 m), 10.7 km at 7.6 percent

Stage 16 - Tuesday, July 19: Mourenx - Pau, 177 km
Col d'Ichère (674 m), 4.4 km at 6.2 percent
Col de Marie-Blanque (1035 m), 9.3 km at 7.7 percent
Col d'Aubisque (1677 m), 16.5 km at 7 percent
Col du Soulor (1475 m), 2 km at 5.5 percent

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Michael (not verified)
July 12th is baseball All Star Game

I had originally hoped to have the Blondies night on the 12th with a mountain finish but I think all sports bars will be crazy that night with base ball fans watching the All Stars. On the 13th the bar should be ours

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el jefe (not verified)
Roadhouse -- Amsterdam (108-109 St)

"Roadhouse on Amsterdam between 108 & 109 Street was very accommodating on Saturday and promised to show the Tour if cyclists showed up to watch. Here's the link to my earlier thread:


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Maggie Schwarz (not verified)
The Back Page

This place, at 83rd and Third, is really good. An oversized screen and several smaller tv screens. And good, reasonably priced food.

How about The Back Page for this Sunday, next Sunday, and the following Tuesday?

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Maggie Schwarz (not verified)

Do they serve food?

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ML (not verified)
This Sunday 8pm at Roadhouse

I am going to have a group of probably 10 or more at Roadhouse (Amsterdam between 108 and 109) this Sunday evening during the prime time viewing of the first mountain stage. The more the merrier, so it would be nice to see some NYCCers come out for the fun. And apparently they serve all you can drink tap beer every night from 9 to 11 for $10!

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el jefe (not verified)
Food at Roadhouse?

I don't know.
Call them -- 212-MMM-Beer.

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ML (not verified)

They don't have food, but there are delivery places and they allow you to have food delivered.

Also to note, they are serving food the last couple of days of the Tour. The guy I spoke to didn't know the details, but it sounded like in the evening for the last couple stages they are giving food away.

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John Z (not verified)
July 12 -- Club Meeting

July 12th is also a club meeting. The meeting should be over in time to watch the second half of the stage. If I remember correctly, Maggies has a TV downstairs.

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