Squeeky Chain

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I usually clean and lube the chain the night before I ride.

I had a shimano Ultegra chain. After about 500 miles, it started squeeking on any ride over 40 miles.

I recently switched my rear cassette and my chain to a dura-ace chain. After about 300 miles it started squeeking. It starts squeeking about 50 miles into a ride.

At first I used White lightning. Then I tried the pro link stuff. What should I try next?

Am I not supposed to be riding over 50 miles with a shimano chain and not re-lubing during the ride? Should I switch to whipperman or sram chains?

I tend to tune into noises that shouldn't be there so the squeeking is driving me crazy.

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Bob Shay (not verified)
Squeeky Chain

I had the same problem at 60 miles with several different kinds of chains. I went a little overboard on the solution. I clean the chain with Simple Solution and paper towels. Then, I spray on motorcycle chain lubricant designed for racing (www.maximausa.com/products/chainlubes/chainwax.asp). I wipe off any excess with a paper towel. I am good to go for 200 miles before having to re-lube and the chain runs silky smooth. There is a downside...

The lubricant tends to attract a little more dust and dirt spray from the road. I have to replace the chain about every 1,800 miles instead of 3,000 miles. I also switched to SRAM PC 59 chains because they are economical ($12.95 at BikeNashbar.com) and the master link always stays on.

I tried the synthetic lubes for bicycles in attempt to get a little more life out of my chains. The lube tended to spray off the chain - even after wiping and it got on my calf when manipulating the bike. I didn't like that.

Good Luck,


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Evan Marks (not verified)
squeaky pulleys?

What you describe sounds (no pun) like squeaky derailer pulleys. A drop of ProLink at the inner and outer pivot points of each pulley should shut them up.

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Heath (not verified)

I did lube the pulleys before the last ride. I also lubed the brake pivot points and the STI shift levers. I actually used tri flow, not the pro link.

The squeaking is when I push down with the right leg, only while climbing or sprinting hard. If I am making gentle circles, there isn't any squeeking. Lubing the chain does stop the squeeking for a brief time.

I will look more closely at the pulleys to see if I can isolate the squeak.

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Evan Marks (not verified)
Pedal? Cleat?

It's not the chain.

Rhythmic noises are infuriatingly difficult to isolate - bottom bracket, chainring bolts, crank bolts, handlebar/stem/headset interface, saddle rails, seatpost, even spoke eyelets. Sounds travel through the frame and seem to be coming from such-and-such when they actually originate from so-and-so.

I recently tore apart a drivetrain and regreased the BB threads, crank bolts, and chainring bolts. That quieted down the symphony somewhat. Then I regreased the seatpost and the saddle rails - better still, but there was still a rhythmic ticking/squeaking/creaking I couldn't locate. Swapping pedals and cleats from another bike didn't do it, so my next step will be to swap wheels. After that, I dunno.

I feel your pain. Good luck.

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Russ Berman (not verified)
The shoes?

Evan mentioned every possibility but the one that created the squeak that drove me nearly crazy: my high-priced Sidi road shoes, which I discovered made a screeching noise as my right foot bent under the ratchet strap, usually after I'd been riding for a while. You say the squeak abates just after you lube, which indicates it's probably got something to do with the chain, but just for the heck of it, try another pair of shoes.

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Heath (not verified)

It just so happens that I ride with Sidi shoes that have the ratchet. And it so happens I have been having problems with the right ratchet getting the shoe off.

I read a suggestion about dealing with squeeks. Ride your bicycle on a trainer. Get a friend to listen to your bicycle through the cardboard center of a paper towel roll. I thought I figured out it was the chain. I think I need to get a friend to listen to me ride.

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