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I'm relatively new to NY and brand new to NYCC. I'm looking for recommendations for bike shops in Manhattan or Brooklyn to build one bike and service two others. I'm into nice vintage steel bikes, and a couple of shops I've gone to didn't really seem interested in working on/caring for older bikes. Also, all of my components are Campy, so it would be nice to find a place that has a decent collection of Campy spare parts.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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Cycleogical (not verified)

Without a doubt, TOGA is the best shop in NYC. The mechanics and sales staff by far know more about bikes than anyone I've talked with - save yourself a trip anywhere else and go to TOGA first. 110 West End Ave. @ 64th Street

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Michael Braunstein (not verified)
Roy's Sheepshead Bay Cycle Shop

If you are ok with a South Brooklyn Address, I just bought a bicycle from Roy's Sheepshead Bay Cycle Shop and was favorably impressed. They have been around for many moons and did an excellent job of fitting me, know bicycles and the price was right.

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RJ (not verified)
Sids Bike Shop

I bought my Lemond Zurich from Sids Bike Shop on 34th Street, just west of 2nd Ave, 4 years ago and have been extremely pleased with their care and service ever since. Further, many of my friends have shopped their at my recommendation with great success. Zoltan is one of the best mechanics in the city, and if you ask for Tim, you'll get great help in deciding which bike to purchase.

I also like Toga, but not as much as Sids.

Good luck.

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Ed (not verified)
location, location, location

Brooklyn and Manhattan are big areas. Where do you live and work?

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