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"Click here to see my photos from the NYCC July 4th Weekend at West Point."

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Basil A (not verified)
Great pics

Great pics - well worth the wait!!!
And of course not enough superlatives to describe the weekend's organisation. Great job again.

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Rick Braun (not verified)

Great photos! Good organizing work by you and all the other NYCC volunteers who helped make it a terrific weekend! As to the rock slide, there was no evidence of one, except for our good fortune that the road was closed to cars, possibly due to a previous rock slide.

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hannah (not verified)
open to cars on the 4th

I rode Storm King out of West Point on Monday, and unfortunately I had the company of cars. The road was open to vehicles of all sorts that morning.


PS-I agree that it was a great weekend and will add my thanks to those going around.

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Mordecai Silver (not verified)
Nice photos!

From the pictures on top of Storm King, I assume that the rock slide was cleared by Sunday?

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Ed White (not verified)
Didn't see any rock slide

Most groups walked right around the fence and rode on, and the road was perfect, especially with no cars. However, a couple of groups were told they could not bike around it for some strange reason, and had to re-route their rides. By late Sunday afternoon, the gate was re-opened.

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Inga (not verified)
Thanks Ed

Thanks for organizing such a FANTASTIC weekend!!! The pictures look great.

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ralph yozzo (not verified)
Dr. Ed group photos

Does anyone know where the Dr. Ed group photos are posted? Dan and I somehow got in those photos.

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Steven (not verified)

Thanks Ed for another great 4th weekend. You make the hard work look so easy!!

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