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Just got an email from Multiple Sclerosis Society New York chapter about this movie theater viewing, same as last year.

So it seems Hamilton, even though he's fallen from grace, is continuing this event and his commitment to MS.

Is it correct that he's virtually over in professional cycling, with a 2-year suspension?

I highly recommend this viewing. It was excellent last year, very exciting, in real time and with a whole auditorium full of enthusiastic fans. I'm really surprised to see the viewing continued.

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Karen Nicolini (not verified)
Where to go - Big Screen TdF Screening - Stage 14 - 7/16 @830 am

Big Screen TdF Screening - Stage 14 - 7/16 @830 am
You can get tix in advance...it sold out last year.

http://www.bigscreenraces.com/tour_de_france/ - enter your zip code

In Manhattan:
850 Broadway (just below 14th) New York NY 10003

In Jersey:
2399 Route 1 South North Brunswick NJ 08902

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Rosario (not verified)

If his suspension is confirmed by the CAS, then it's 2 years for him, but the new code of ethics in the Pro Tour forbids a Pro Tour team from hiring a suspended rider for an extra 2 years after the end of the suspension. So that makes 4 years away from the top tier races, which for TH would indeed mean the end of his carreer.


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