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Any one have any thoughts about Cateye Astrale 8, CC-TR100 or CC-CD 300DW or any thing else for that matter?

Oh, and I have campy so Flight Deck is out.

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Joe (not verified)
Try this link

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Sid (not verified)
Anyone have thoughts on the Specialized Turbo Elite? (nm)
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Evan Marks (not verified)
Try this link too
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Eric Faber (not verified)
Bike Computer

Love my Cat eye Astrale. Has cadence. Avg. speed, Max speed. You can re-set daily distance, but odomotor continues from mile one until it (or you) dies. Best of all the price is around $35.00

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Ed (not verified)
Cat Eye Double Wireless

I have/had a Cat Eye CC-CD300DW (DW meaning Double Wireless). The first Receiver on the handlebar kept coming loose. The screw must have had the wrong threads. I replaced the screw and added a lock washer but to no avail, and eventually it fell off. I lost the Receiver during a biathlon in CP. Weeks later as I was standing at the starting line at the Bronx Biathlon, I heard a fellow competitor talk about loosing his CC-CD300DW. I thought, “This can’t be a coincidence!?”

I called my bike shop, and they confirmed that it was a known problem. That’s how I found out that Cat Eye knew of this loose bracket problem. I called Cat Eye and they immediately replaced the unit – for free. That was five weeks ago – and I still haven’t bothered to mount it. Why? I’m fifty and far sighted, the computer digits are too hard to read. They are small, faint, and if you have been cycling for any appreciable length of time, you already know when your cadence is too high or low.

Anyone interested buying mine for $100? That’s a 33% discount. Still in the box, never used.

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