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Plan to ferry over to NYC on 7/9 for firsttime Greenway ride from Battery but not ready for 32 miles. Can someone suggest a modified ride - perhaps halfway up East or West side then cross Manhattan midtown (Central Park?) and head back to Battery? Thanks.

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Rob (not verified)

That is easy. Take it as far up the west side as you want. It is flat and a nice ride along the waters edge.

I suugest ending at either 130th street near Fairway super market. The path goes off the waters edge here.

If you feel good then continue up to the George Washington Bridge that is about 181st stret.

If you tire, simply turn around.

Added bonus would be a spin in central park.

Note: try to avoid 5-7 pm from Battery to 50th street as
the after work crowd makes it a bit hairy. However, slow and easy does it always.

Have fun

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Bill Beattie (not verified)

Ferry arrives 10:00 am this Sat. Could you recommend a good cross-over point if we wanted to go thru Central Park or do you recommend staying on the west side?

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Rob (not verified)

Do Central Park if you feel up to it.

A total PArk loop is 6.1 Miles, there are a few nice inclines and a good hill at the very North end.

I love the park, however it is a Sunday and the obvious is to enjoy and take it easy. Others will also enjoy the park with you.

I would go north on the greenway and go as far as you like then on the return go east to the park. So that would be anywhere from 110th st(?) down to 59th St. My reasoning is simply that that you can feel your pacing and take lunch in the park before you go home and decide if you even want to loop the park or just take a ride through it.


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Russ Berman (not verified)
110th Street is not so nice

Last time I looked there was construction from Amsterdam to the park along 110th that made it a little weird getting into the park at 110. I'd use 90th, where there's less traffic and a direct entrance. Southbound, you might exit the Greenway at 96th and climb up Riverside Drive from 96th to 90th. There are entrances also at 100th and 96th.

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