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I plan on biking out to the Hamptons from NYC
Can someone recommended a good route? Perhaps a web resource that could map out good directions.


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Rob (not verified)

I wish I had it, but the 5BBC had exactly what you needed from the montauck century.One route started from


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Michael (not verified)
Did this ride last year

Went from the Upper West to East Hampton along the 5BBC Montauk Century route... having done it I would recommend taking the train to Babylon and then riding to Montauk then back to your destination (or alternatively out along the North Fork then through Shelter Island and out to the point along the BBB route). The first 50 miles from the city stink, especially if you're alone... Babylon and east are beautiful

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James Engel (not verified)
Bike Route (nm)

Thanks for the reply. Can you point me to a weblink that might have the exact route from Bablyon and/or the UWS?


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Rob (not verified)

Make sure you have a train Pass to take your bike on the LIRR and read when you can and can not take the bike on.

If that fails the subway works upto Jamaica or Far Rockaway.

I would check the cue sheet once you get one from anyone.

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