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Has anyone discovered a Brooklyn bar/restaurant interested in showing the TDF? I figure among 2 million inhabitants of Kings County, there must be a critical mass of some sort to get us in a bar with OLN on the screen.

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JP (not verified)
water street bar

i was there with a cycle group and they let us bring our rigs downstairs. large screen, good beer - i hear the food is good too.

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hannah (not verified)

I'm planning to show up around 9:00 to watch some of the team time trial.


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Charlie Keenan (not verified)

I'll be going too. The more the merrier (and greater chance we'll get OLN on the TV)
JP, thanks for the tip!

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James Engel (not verified)
Bike Route to the Hamptons

I plan on biking out to the Hamptons.
Can someone recommended a good route? Perhaps a web resource that could map out good directions.


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seth (not verified)
is there any scheduled

tdf party at this venue

cycling trips