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"For this coming Sunday's All-Class ride with the Sound Cyclists, the rides are listed (on the NYCC club home page) as follows:
B: 17-17.5 mph, 45 miles
C+ 15-16 mph, 34 miles
C 13-14 mph, 34 miles
D 11-12.5 mph, 28 miles
E: 10-11 mph, 21 miles

Now, memory says that the Sound Cyclists tag rides differently than we do. First off, they offer ""D"" and ""E"" rides.

But speed is my question.

So, for example, is the B-17 ride listed one that will do 17 mph on the flats, like an NYCC B-17 ride should, or is it one that will ""average"" 17 mph (meaning it's more like an NYCC ""A"" ride)?

Similarly, how do the other rides compare with how the NYCC pegs them?


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Bob Shay (not verified)
Sound Cyclists Rides

I live in Stamford, CT. I was a member of the Sound Cyclists club for a year until I rejoined the NYCC. The rides are recreational, slower, and less organized than NYCC rides - no real pacelines to speak of and very few A level rides. Ride to enjoy the scenery.


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Pat Mullen (not verified)
SCBC ride classifications

I am a member of SCBC. Their ""C"" rides would be comparable to a NYCC B 17."

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