Riders Sought for Great Lakes Tour, July 13-23?

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The route: NYC > Catskills > western edge Adirondacks > Kingston (Can) > Algonquin Park > Sudbury and northern shore of Huron > Sault Ste Marie > upper peninsula of Michigan > Wisconsin > Green Bay > Milwaukee > Chicago (my end). This should have cooler weather especially along the Lakes.

I'd like to go light. No sag wagon as of yet. 1/2 hotel, 1/2 camping. Not quite sure of distance. Guessing 1500 mi. Would like to ride around A19 pace. Possible to do just portions. Aiming for 125 m / day but we'll see.

Please call me with questions at (917) 502-2112.


Craig Breed

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John Z (not verified)
A Good Route

This looks like a great touring route. My schedule is getting tight, but maybe a day or two at the beginning is feasible.

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Craig Breed (not verified)
Looks like maybe a sag wagon

A small group is coming together to start out Wed to ride until Saturday. That would take us from NYC to the Canadian border or thereabouts. A few more people to join would be quite feasible and desirable.

Our review of the route reveals it should be excellent, very scenic. So if interested in joining, please feel free to call me with any questions.

Cell 917 502 2112.

Craig Breed

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John Z (not verified)

From Craig:

Riding has been pretty good. It's quite remote up here. I've only been in one town since coming to Canada that even has a bike shop. So here's my stats:
end of 7 days of riding - 760 miles, about 500 of that in Canada.

The first 4 days were been really hot, then2 rainy ones,and finally today was nice temperature wise, but I had to ride 100 miles straight into a 20mph headwind. Still I'm feeling pretty strong and starting to get into a rythm with these 100 miles days.

I am watching the tour in the motel rooms. About half of them have OLN.
Bike all day and watch biking at night. What a broad life I'm leading these days.

Tomorrow I go back into the US. I hope the border crossing is not too bad.

My overnight locations so far:

1. Cooperstown, NY
2. Watertown, NY
3. Westport, Ont
4. Whitney, Ont.
5. Parry Sound, Ont
6. Sudbury, Ont
7. Blind River, Ont

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Craig Breed (not verified)
Final Trip Report


I put together a blog report summarizing the trip.

Final Report

Feel free to post any comments or thoughts or send me an email.

Craig Breed

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