Monday, July 4 ride - B16/65, Beaches of Nassau

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  • Monday, July 4 ride - B16/65, Beaches of Nassau
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Beaches of Nassau
B16 - 65 miles

Meets: 10:00 AM - 23rd Street & First Avenue

We ride to Oceanside; then south to Long Beach and west to Atlantic Beach where we stop for lunch. Then back through Rockaway Beach and up the bottom and left side of Brooklyn. Ride ends at the Brooklyn side of the Manhattan Bridge.

No great hills to speak of, though proximity to the ocean could provide (cooling) headwinds. Bring the usual plus a Metro North/LIRR pass in case you need to bail.

RSVP: soupstone-at-mindspring-dot-com

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Geoffrey (not verified)
Cue Sheet?

Hi Neile -

I plan to ride solo from Long Beach (leaving around 8:00 am) towards NYC on Monday morning and was wondering whether you have a cue sheet to share allowing me to meet you along the way. If not, what NYC bridge will you cross and route will you follow for the first 5 - 10 miles into the ride? Your help, if possible, in this matter would greatly be appreciated.

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Neile (not verified)
The ride is ON. (nm)
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